Traditional Gluten Free Italian Cuisine

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ISIBISI’s mission since 2014 is to promote Italian food culture through the Gluten Free Diet.
We search, select and import the best gluten free products such as bread, pasta, pizza, polenta, cookies, flour mixes, and baked goods in general, in addition to Extra virgin olive oil, Parmesan cheese, tomato puree’ and a lot more. We monitor and select very carefully our gluten free products for our customers who are allergic and intollerant to gluten, with the assurance that our products will satisfy their needs.  We are certain that, by using our specific and dedicated machinery for the preparation of our products, we are delivering genuine and healthy food.

Passion for Healthy Food

ISIBISI firmly believes that gluten free nutrition is healthier for everyone and is the diet that guarantees that an individual affected by celiac disease can live a happier and healthier life.
A diet comprised by gluten (found in many cereals such as wheat, farro, rye) creates addiction. The Mediterranean Diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world and is based on these cereals, and the absence of gluten would make such a diet even healthier. Eating such food without gluten does not mean renouncing great Italian flavors, as today's gluten-free products are as good as, and, in many cases, even tastier. Sometimes taking an ingredient out not only adds taste but, in this case, it also increases well-being and health.

Research and Development

ISIBISI is constantly up to date on the product development side and on the new product side in order to bring the best and newest product to the US market.
We participate in many top gluten free shows and food fairs and all over the United States, as staying close to our customers is one of our top priorities, and also gets our name and products out to a larger audience.  It goes without saying we also are very careful and up to date regarding other allergic intolerances, such as with peanuts, lactose and so on...

We can eat gluten free, Buon Appetito a Tutti!