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The Venetian Family

Fabio and Eleonora decided a few years ago to share their Italian culinary culture by introducing healthy, great tasting, gluten free Italian products. ISIBISI is born as a third generation endeavour out of their love and appreciation of the traditions of the Veneto region. Venice, in particular, is one of the most beloved cities in Italy and in the world born from the millennial civilization and heritage that this cultural gem offers. The experience accumulated by Fabio and Eleonora in over twenty years of hospitality in Venice along with their experience as dedicated parents make them an example for everyone.

The Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

Fabio and Eleonora have directly experienced the benefits of a gluten-free diet without sacrificing pasta, pizza or bread. Although not celiacs, they have completely eliminated gluten from their diet. Within a few weeks the benefits were obvious: less fatigue, less heaviness, better sleep, no intestinal disorders were evident and their quality of life has vastly improved.

Parent Awareness

Fabio and Eleonora have always been concerned with their diet, and have traditionally followed the Mediterranean Diet rich of natural, unprocessed and simple products, such as fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables, dairy products, meat, cereals, fish, pasta and bread. The Mediterranean Diet has been recognized as one of the healthiest diets on the planet. Therefore, inspired by their parents' lessons, they have raised their son Matteo and their daughters Carlotta and Isotta in the same manner, teaching them to taste all varieties of ethnic foods, but above all to be aware of what is best and healthiest to eat and what is not.

Health is the most Valuable Asset!