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Growing Up in a Better World

ISIBISI believes in a gluten free world for all!
Italian food culture is based on sharing and enjoying our food, ‘fare banchetto' ('convivio' as Dante called it in his works, means sitting all together at the table) with our families and friends.
It is sad to see children allergic to gluten, deprived of the happiness of sharing a cake with relatives or schoolmates during a birthday party. It is discomforting to see a gluten-intolerant student eating alone in a crowded dining room. It is disappointing to invite someone to dinner and discover that he cannot eat the food served because of intolerances.
It is absolutely necessary to tear down this wall which creates discomfort, not only to celiacs, but also to all unconsciously gluten-sensitive people who do not realise that gluten is the cause of their discomfort! There is currently no clear remedy for this sensitivity, but only those who adopt a gluten-free diet considerably reduce their disorders and very few are aware of the effectiveness of this diet. Only by educating the public and spreading awareness can we grow our children and guarantee them a better life.
Improving people's lives means improving our life, in a better world, in a gluten-free world.

We all can eat Gluten Free, Buon Appetito!

A Finer and Cleaner World

ISIBISI is also very conscious about food waste and energy savings, therefore we choose to be a buyer/retailer of eco-friendly catering equipment, fast energy-efficient machinery capable of serving mono-doses that save time and effort, while at the same time, helping to keep the environment clean.

Goodness and well-being for all!

A Healthier and Better Life for All!