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isiBisi is the gluten-free pasta aimed specifically at intolerant individuals who follow a specific gluten-free diet without needing to sacrifice great taste.

Our pasta is made exclusively of italian corn and rice flour, free of additives or gluten stabilizers, staying true of the simplicity of the raw materials.

Rice & "Risotti"

isiBisi is proud to bring on your table a high quality italian rice, we chose the Carnaroli rice  because it is the best quality to cook all italian "risotti".

The grain contains a very high concentration of starch, it keeps al dente even after cooking. 

isiBisi Carnaroli italian rice is grown in north Italy, in a gluten-free farm located in the heart of Piemonte region, then imported in USA.

In this farm are not used: eggs, soy, wheat, shellfish, fish, peanuts and nuts.