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2 Lb Revolution Mix


deglutinate wheat starch, dextrose, fine grind corn flour, vegetable fiber, sugar. Stabilizer: guar gum. Emulsifier: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

UTENSILS & INGREDIENTS NEEDED: 1 mixing bowl for flour | 1 measuring cup for water | 1 cup to dissolve yeast | 1 tablespoon | 1 spatula | 1 small pan (to heat water) | wax paper (for oven) | rice flour as needed. Refer to front label for dosages
DOUGH: - Mix flour and salt in mixing bowl - measure water (at room temperature) in the measuring cup, keep a bit on the side in order to dissolve the fresh yeast in cup - add oil and the yeast mix to the water - pour the liquid into the flour bowl and mix with spatula until homogeneous and with hands as needed; let sit covered for a maximum of 10 minutes. If you use dry yeast, follow the instruction on label; the ratio is 1 teaspoon (4,5g) for 1 pound of mix.
SHAPES: - divide the dough in small round balls: - for bread from 3 to 6 ozs | for 9’ pizza 10 ozs - mold the balls into the desired shape. Roll out the dough for the pizza as shown in the video (see website) - only use rice flour as needed to dust off
LEAVENING PROCESS: 3 important elements: optimal temperature is 95°F, humidity 80% and time needed: - for pizza 1 h wait - for 3 ozs. bread 1 h wait –
for larger bread shapes 1.5 h wait – place pizza or bread dough on top part of oven and boil 16 fl. oz. of water in small pan and position in bottom part of oven - if dough has not risen sufficiently repeat process
COOKING TIME: pre-heat oven to 400°F
Bread: brush oil on surface and put in oven for around 20/25 minutes according to desired crispiness
Pizza: 25 minutes total cooking time: brush the crust with oil and freely season without cheese - place in oven for 15 minutes (without cheese) - after 15 minutes add cheese and let cook another 10 minutes.