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Multi Oven

Ideal for commercial environments such as restaurants, cafeterias and bars where there is a risk of contamination, but above all for occasional locations such as food trucks, catering for parties and ceremonies, fairs, demonstrations, and pizzerias wanting to serve Gluten-Free Pizzas.
A revolutionary oven!

The Multi Oven oven allows simultaneously cooking of tasty pizzas and delicious food in a few minutes.
All with one machine and only 35 inches of space.

ISIBISI Electric Oven:
It has an aspiration hood with an active carbon filter
Reinforced baking chambers are to prevent the deformation of plates at high temperatures
Maximum temperature 840 Fahrenheit (°F)
Excellent insulation, allowing for performance with lower fuel consumption; Only 10 amp/ hour standby
Electronic temperature and time control, interactive chart, counter fot the number of pizzas baked in order to monitor productivity.

Thanks to a bottom support in the lower chamber inside the Multi Oven, an additional new refractory stone can be added to the oven, converting it from a 2 chamber oven into a 3 chamber one. This option makes it possible to cook up to 6 pizzas every 2 minutes, ideal for cooking gluten-free pizzas with fresh dough, as well as pre-cooked and frozen pizzas, guaranteeing no gluten contamination from other ovens used improperly.