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Voglia di Pasta 4 Baskets

A perfect Isibisi pasta dish can be prepared and served in just 60 seconds without requiring SPECIALIZED LABOR and in total automation with this new Pasta machine.
Taking up only 30 inches of space, this Pasta machine makes it possible to prepare 240 first courses in just one hour.

"Pasta 4" Features
Thanks to the turbo economy function, the machine can be used to cook precooked pasta, dried pasta, potato gnocchi, ravioli, and tortellini;
It has 4 baskets that make it possible to cook 4 pasta specialties at the same time;
Each basket can hold up to 8 oz of pasta;
It is equipped with patented vapor aspiration system;
It does not emit odors:
It is completely detachable for easier cleaning;
It is easy to use thanks to its immediate learning control panel;
It is entirely made of stainless steel.
It is equipped with 4 heated tanks to hold the sauces;
It can operate without being conncted to water pipes;
Electronic temperature and time control, interactive chart, counter for the number of dishes cooked in order to monitor productivity.